A conservatory from Dovetail is not like any other conservatory. The Dovetail range offers you a range of different conservatories for you to choose from. We always keep attention to detail to make every conservatory perfect. Dovetail offer a fresh new look to your home whilst adding space and comfort to your expanded home. You can create a unique style and sophistication to your home by creating your own designs with natural light that will give you a whole different feeling compared to any other room within your home.

There are many opportunities to choose from for your brand new conservatory which include relaxing in the morning with the morning sun on your face, or view the night sky on a cloudless night. Your conservatory will be a constant environment whilst maintaining temperature at all times, this means that you can enjoy the feeling of being outside whilst also having the comforts of being inside.

At Dovetail Conservatories we will take care of everything from ceiling to flooring, electrics to heating and also all planning permission needs. Through out the creation of your conservatory all landscaping, brickwork and footings surrounding your conservatory will be carried out to meet current Building Regulations. All gas work is completed by Corgi Registered team members and all electrical work is completed by NIC EIC approved contractors, so you have no need to be worried.

Based in Leicester, we operate within a 50 mile radius of our address. If you are based locally and are looking to expand your home with your designs, ideas and built with a personal details met then look no further than Dovetail Conservatories.

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